Graffiti Shines

As I was updating my site, I came across the images of graffiti that you’ll see on the main pages. The photographer is Roshanda Glenn, a photographer, graphic artist, and schoolteacher.
  • graffiti-1874488_1280

    I love Rashonda’s eye for color and detail—not to mention the graffiti artist who created it. Rashonda also designs customized shirts that bring awareness to specific diseases: “…the products I make represent much more than just a digital image or article of clothing. They represent the love and support for a loved one; the demand for the ease of suffering through the discovery of a cure; and a memorial for those who, after a courageous fight, lost their battle. I know that behind every image, every shirt I make there is a story; and I look forward to playing my part in helping those stories come forth and find expression.” Visit her shop on Etsy and see her images on Pixabay.