The Best Junk Email

The email was titled “The Ten Weirdest Pieces of Junk We’ve Picked Up.” I just had regular junk. So of course, I read it. Doesn’t everyone aspire to more interesting junk?
  • I had junk. A pile of ugly concrete plugs that used to anchor fence posts in the ground. They came with the ranch, and I was sick of looking at them so I called 1-800-GOTJUNK to haul them away. They did. And I forgot about it. But this week I got an email blast from 1-800-GOT-JUNK that I opened and read because it was called “The Ten Weirdest Pieces of Junk We’ve Seen.” Was it the five moose heads (really, five?)? Six-foot tall, hot-pink working Walkie Talkies? Or the mechanical bull (I bet I could find a place for it)? Anyway, it was funny and part of a recently revamped direct mail campaign that takes junk—but not itself—seriously. I love it when a company is so… themselves.