Let's figure out what needs to be said.

Companies need to decide what to say before we decide how to say it. They are two different things.

Why Invest in Messaging?

Strong messages enable consistency across all touchpoints—sales channels, website, press releases, marketing literature, presentations, and signage. We tailor how you communicate the messages, depending on your audience, marketing platform, and speaker, but the main points should remain constant.


Messaging Platform Elements

If your organization has not defined its messages, I can help you develop a messaging platform:

    • A high-level audit of up to three competitors’ messaging
    • Target audience identification
    • Target audience concerns and needs related to the kind of solution you provide
    • Defined primary messages
    • Stated benefits and supporting proof points
    • A succinct brand promise to the market
    • Positioning statements

The final messaging platform can be used by anyone developing content for your organization.