About? It's about you.

I love helping organizations succeed. Great communication gets you noticed. Consistency and honesty get you trusted. My approach is to be real, tell the truth, and enhance your strengths. And do it in a way that is uniquely you.

My experience

An Understanding of Customers

I knocked on 400+ doors per month for Xerox. Made 100+ cold calls a day for Shearson Lehman American Express. And helped sell Macintosh computers with MacWrite and MacPaint. I even made a living at it. When you carry a bag and meet a monthly quota, you quickly figure out what customers want.

Time Savings

I have a process, broad knowledge base, and I get things done. Experience delivers better results, faster, for you.


Over 30+ years, I’ve seen great ideas, great execution, ideas that fly in the face of human nature, company failures, multiple rebranding attempts, overly complicated strategies, failures to understand what customers want, and on and on. I will be honest with you about what’s realistic and what isn’t.